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A third outbreak, first detected in Germany, has been linked to cases in six.

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Passwords should be 8 or more characters, the first letter should always be a capital, and should contain both letters and numbers, and at least one special character. Never choose a screen name that states if your a boy or girl . If you thing you have been hacked change your password asap Use a random password generator.

Consider using a password manager such as I think it is awful that people dont know what hackers are, and I don't blame you. I suggest that you read up on how the internet works (IP addresses, DNS) and then you'll start to realize that anyone could get your location just by being on a site that uses p2p.

Hackers don't care about your identity, hey might get your accounts but that's different. Don't pick a dictionary word pick a nonsence word like derp. If you wish to use a a password like potato at home .

Admittedly, my personal history of username selection isn’t without blemishes.

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