Bigchurch dating site dating the alpha male

There is a bit of a lull, gigs-wise while I regroup and look ahead to the future, but I have a few things in the diary.

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Christian dating sites seem to appeal to so many because there are nice, wholesome men and women that belong to the website.

Though most web users might not know it, most pornographers love Christians. He’s getting some traffic to his site, but he decides to do something else for God. He lets it expire, of course…he doesn’t need it anymore. He looks for expired domains to buy and redirects that traffic to one of his pay-for-porn websites.

Here’s one example: let’s say that Bob’s startup internet ministry, isn’t working very well.

If you’re planning to be there, do come and say “hi”.

Also this year I’m returning to Le Pas Opton - Spring Harvest’s holiday complex in France.

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