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Microsoft Excel is more than a simple spreadsheet application; it also allow users to create complex calculations and organize data efficiently through the use of pivot tables, functions and graphs.

A graph, also referred to as a chart in Excel, allows users to communicate not only data, but also the deeper meanings and implications that data can suggest.

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The Chart Title is a content control placed at the top of each chart control.

It is used to display any title information regarding the visualized chart.

Use properties in a Title object to customize the look and feel of the title, such as Docking, Alignment, Is Docked Inside Chart Area, Position, and Font. Text property to specify a legend title, use "\n" to indicate a new line.

By default, there is no title for a new built chart in Excel.

To make the chart easily understand, you can add a title for it manually.

To complete this task, you must do the following: In this task, you run the VBA code that creates the chart and modifies properties of the title.

The code also opens an Excel 2010 workbook that contains the chart data.

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