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The brave youngster told of how the horrific attack had left him 'trapped at home'.He admitted people staring at his wounds and bandages made him feel like 'a freak'.For more in-depth information on specific dog health requirements and schemes visit our main website If you have any Health related questions concerning a particular breed, we recommend you to contact a Breed Health Coordinator by completing this form.We are pleased to announce the launch of this new site here at Foxwarren Kennels which allows us to be just that bit more flashy and a little bit more flexible with what we can offer our fans and followers.This article was first published in The Press in July 2006. A few months later, we reported that Ratty had found himself another local. Sadly, Ratty died in 2010, prompting sadness but tributes from his owner._____ WHEN Ratty the dog gets a thirst on he doesn't just lap up water from his bowl like other mutts.Mr Noel said: 'I feel self-conscious being face to face - I feel I'm being stared at quite a lot.

This photo of some Foxwarren pups was posted this month on our Facebook page by Catherine Bondiau.

The hard-partying playboy hotelier accused of trying to torch two small dogs outside his So Ho condo posted ,000 bail Tuesday and walked out of Manhattan criminal court in silence. Dressed in all white with a grey vest, Chatwal was silent as he stood before Judge Steve Statsinger, who issued an order of protection for the two dogs — Molly and Finnegan — their owner and their dog walker.

Vikram Chatwal, 44, founder of the Dream Hotel Group, was charged with animal torture, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment for the Oct. Chatwal’s attorney said his client was a lifetime animal lover who suffers from a bipolar disorder but would never harm an animal.

The 41-year-old discovered that his pet had been waiting at the bus stop outside their farm, catching First's Number Ten service and getting off at The Black Bull pub in Hull Road, York, in search of titbits.

"I used to spend hours looking for him in the village, but then folk started telling me they'd seen him getting on the bus, " said Gary, who is also a member of Dunnington Parish Council.

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