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Description: An explanation of when it is recommended to perform ghusl and to understand some general guidelines and regulations especially related to women.

By Imam Kamil Mufti Published on - Last modified on To be familiar with some general guidelines related to ghusl.

He, like many people, knows that what he has been doing is wrong, but doesn’t want to admit it or take responsibility for it because he may fear appearing weak in front of himself or others.

As a wife, you certainly have every right to feel angry, hurt, frustrated, or any other negative feelings towards your husband.

I am really sorry to hear about the current state that your marriage is in.

No doubt, what you are going through is very difficult and frustrating to you and everyone involved.

Many reports from the Companions have been reported regarding this matter.

It is preferable for whoever wants to enter Mecca to perform ghusl.

You mentioned that you confronted him about it, but he seems to be minimizing the situation and denying that he has a real problem.

It is very clear that Quran forbids intercourse between man and woman before marriage.

However, when it comes to relationships, the only close reference I have from Qu'ran is that we should "lower our gaze and guard our sexual organ", but so far I didn't see any direct forbiddence in being in a relationship with a girl which does not involve any haram interactions.

If one breaks his wudoo’ after performing ghusl, it is sufficient to make new wudoo’ without bathing again.

A Muslim is encouraged to perform ghusl for Eid prayers.

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