Mr Skin mourned with great respect, but a deeper T&Analysis is eminently warranted. Devilishly handsome Mark Johnston of Shocking Videos sent me a copy of the UK documentary X-Rated Ambition: The Traci Lords Story. My very first sighting of my very first Playboy (which was stashed, not well, in the Mc Beardo family bathroom hamper), hit me like a ton of pricks and instantly hooked me on photographic representations of the naked female form in gloriously gaudy commercial context. But especially potent were the eye-popping ads for porno movies splattered all over the New York tabloids right there with all the latest offerings from Hollywood and Disney and numerous trash-film studios (the most indelible off-shoot to me ever being Snuff’s tagline: “The movie that could only be made in South America – where life is CHEAP! Over the course of the third and fourth grade, I became knowledgeable as to the likes of the with the most active stars and the top porn directors of the day (including Joe Gage, whose all-male ads always conveyed a weird, haunted feeling in synch with stark titles such as L. Now, my childhood wasn’t all mentally tracking the career trajectories of Gerard Damiano and Lisa De Leeuw.Seeing as I owe Mark loads of gratitude for the indirect loads of loads with which he’s supplied me over the years, we’ll dedicate this week’s column to the Queen of Mastur-Jailbait. I was also plenty obsessed with horror flicks, Mad magazine, early Saturday Night Live, the ’77-’78 New York Yankees, and kiddie bullshit like and punk rock, too.The hottest Philippine girls with the hottest Pinay booties are right here!When you see these hot Filipina bargirls strip naked and show off their shaved young Pinay beavers and asses, you will not believe it.But even if you hadn’t, it’s more than likely you can imagine pretty clearly what the girl is doing and what the road sounds like. But the Pinay teen can be seen in the video very confident while applying the beauty products on her face.Rage Advertizing revealed that the name of the Pinay teen is Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio.The site is completely free and updated weekly with the cutest teens from the Philippine Islands.

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