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I'm a British (half Scottish, half English) guy from London who moved to Madrid to do an MBA at IE.

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@zondo With all due respect, "require" is a strong word.

Your question would be improved, if you edited it to include this. If that is too general or formal, you'll need to provide a cultural context; buddy is specific to some groups, and not used in others. " Between two people that are dating, it's a little easier. That is also a word more common for males, but consider the term pen-pal; it can be gender-neutral.

I would call male and female friends 'friends', and specify 'female' if I needed to. I prefer not to make gender the centre of every interaction; I would go as far as avoiding the female diminutive names for professions like 'actress' where it is optional, because it accepts and reinforces an unnecessary social division. Something similar are terms of endearment like "baby", "sweetheart", but you'd want to be careful to avoid those if it's not your intent. And than can also be offensive depending on the person and the circumstance. However, "pal" is rarely used in any positive sense today.

I don't have any specific preferences, I can meet up with you in person in Madrid, or I can speak with you via Whatsapp, Skype, etc, or whatever you prefer, I can addapt. Me guastaria mejorar mi Espanol, especialmente conversaciones.

Of course I'd love to help you with your Spanish if you want as well, so feel free to text me anytime! I am currently living in Madrid and would love to improve my Spanish and meet new people. I like to meet new cultures and have fun with my friends, go to the tapas and beers, to walk the cities... Soy un estudiante de Espanol aqui en Madrid y tengo mucho tiempo cada semana para hacer intercambios.

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