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Biiiiiitttch but Keston is sooo fyne and he gave me FEVAHHH diva knowing that he is part of the family because I had no idea but that night sealed it for me chile! Keston and Terrell together gets 3 snaps in a Z formation twirl push and dip bitch oww! , which cost little to produce and make box office killings.Five years after winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “Precious,” Mo’Nique is returning to theaters in “Blackbird.” The independent drama centers on a deeply religious high school student in a small Mississippi town, who struggles with the fact that he may be gay.

Their concern centered around the film showing Walker’s character Randy Rousseau losing his virginity to a girl, but later realizing his true love is a man.

Looks like that Twittering Terrell Carter fellow has gotten over that Alex Cortez dude in the picture above and has moved on to some new meat.

We heard that he is dating someone that you ladies might be a fan of already…flip the script to see who it is…

However, he was the focal point of a "scandal" about the possibility of being homosexual when some incriminating photos surfaced from his alleged ex-boyfriend.

Carter has consistently denied any romantic involvement with the individual.

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